Are potholes and cracks appearing on your driveway as a result of heavy rain? Are you in urgent need of quality paving services? We proudly present to you, Bryers Paving! Situated in Amarillo, TX, we are the leading paving company in the area! Since 1950, we have been delivering outstanding results for our residential and commercial customers!

The enormous amount of experience we have accumulated, has perfected our work methods and broadened the limits of our craft! This is why, besides paving we offer a professional asphalt service as well. Our team of highly trained specialists stand by to receive any request – no matter how large or small it may be!

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by John K. on Bryers Paving

Thank you Bryers Paving for the professional paving service! I am impressed by your quick response time! Keep up the good work!

Here is a short list, of the vast paving services we offer:

– asphalt paving

– seal coating

– pot hole patching

– rubberized crack filler

– earth work – grading

– and much more!

paving contractor As a professional asphalt contractor, our company does not make compromises with quality when it comes to building a road. We take our job very seriously – laying a foundation may look simple, but dozens of calculations have to be made before the actual work. The professional team of Bryers Paving, possesses all the necessary knowledge and materials needed for delivering a high quality paving service without hesitation!

All of our Amarillo, TX jobs are completed with the utmost determination and attention to detail. Paving construction is a job that requires specialized industrial grade equipment – and qualified personnel to operate it. All of our highly experienced specialists, are fully qualified in using all necessary machinery in order to complete a task. Bryers Paving has a strong policy on work ethics, and this is why our professionals comply with all safety and security regulations. We make sure that every project in Amarillo, TX, is done in a completely safe work environment.

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paving constructionThroughout our long years of service, we have seen many examples of faulty paving construction – uneven road segments, improper foundation laying, miscalculated material proportions and many others! The tricky part with this kind of job, is that when the work is freshly completed, it looks impeccable. But all it takes, is a few weeks to reveal the condition of the road – the earth’s gravitational forces combined with the laws of nature will determine the quality of the job! Aside from paving, we offer many additional services.

Whether you need simple driveway maintenance, or parking lot grading, we have all the necessary asphalt products and materials needed for the completion of any size project! Our systematic way of approach has gained our paving contractor a reputable status – we are respected by both our clients and competition. If you require high quality paving services, you don’t need to look any further! We are here to provide you with the results you desire, and get the job done! All of our services are offered at competitive rates, designed to be affordable for both our commercial and residential customers. Call our paving contractors now at (806) 683-5356, and we will provide you with complete information on our services and discounts.

Bryers Paving | Amarillo, TX 79118
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