Asphalt Service

Is your asphalt paving deteriorating due to the the weather conditions? Bryers Paving is a Amarillo, TX based company, that provides outstanding asphalt service for residential and commercial customers in the area! Our business was started in 1950, and since then we have become the most reputable company in the paving trade. We offer high quality asphalt paving construction solutions.

Here are a few options provided by our paving construction services:

– asphalt paving

– asphalt patching

– asphalt resurfacing

– and much more!

asphalt products When an asphalt driveway is used on a daily basis, there is a good chance that in time you will require asphalt service. In the modern world asphalt is a great solution for road building, but as all things in life, it’s not eternal. After significant exploitation, it will start to show signs of deterioration and wear. The symptoms by which you can determine the condition of your asphalt driveway is simple – look for cracks, potholes, grade depression and other visual effects that simply don’t look right.

Bryers Paving has realized that there are three categories, by which you can determine the reasons for asphalt deterioration: construction quality, traffic loads and environmental factors. Sometimes it could be only one of them that cause road degradation, or a combination between all three – bottom line is, the road can “break down”. Sometimes, people will try to fill cracks or potholes with bitumen, but it’s only a temporary solution to a long lasting problem.

asphalt serviceTo prolong the durability of an asphalt road, our Amarillo, TX technicians will use special asphalt products after performing compaction and drainage – it is the only way to preserve the structural integrity of the road. Our experience shows that in the absence of asphalt compaction, the lifespan of the asphalt is reduced by 40%!

Using incorrect asphalt products and placing trenches at improper locations can also contribute to road deterioration – call us now for professional advice! If you are experiencing any trouble with your parking lot or driveway, do not hesitate to contact us! We operate with budget-friendly prices, as we understand the need for high quality road paving! Contact us now, and we will be happy to provide you with full information on our services and discounts: (806) 683-5356

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