Unique Asphalt Solutions for Your Home

How your Paving Contractor Can Help you Improve the Look of your Yard

If you have always dreamed to turn your yard into a magical garden, it is high time you consider doing some asphalt improvements this summer. To make sure that the results you get are satisfactory, you must consider booking a well known local paving contractor. Bryers Paving, of Amarillo, TX, is a company you should definitely consider hiring. We are fully equipped to perform all of the garden improvement work you need done!

Here are our best suggestions for summer 2013:

paving contractor1. Paving labyrinth in the front garden – This is a very interesting yard improvement solution for families with small children who want to invest a little and at the same time get an interesting playing corner for their kids.

2. Asphalt garden path – Such an addition will make even the most ordinary scenery look like a fairy tale garden. Don’t make it a straight one and you will even get a more interesting result

3. Scrabble, designed from asphalt stones – You can use small square, evenly cut pieces of paving to build a scrabble board in your yard. Color a few of them differently and you will get even a more realistic look. Draw letters with water resistant paint on tiny white tiles which you can store in a box, and use them to play whenever you feel like spending a fun afternoon outdoors.

4. Mosaic hopscotch – Use pieces of colored asphalt to build in a hopscotch field. Build the “picture” by using different color for the numbers from 1 to 10. This area will be a garden addition your children will instantly fall in love with.

Asphalt bricks are ideal for building these suggested garden additions, as they are relatively cheaper, compared to other building material and at the same time are easy to clean. Contact us today and we can give you additional information on the costs which can be applied for such yard improvement projects.

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