Do You Wish to Learn to Lay Pavers?

Why Is Hiring a Professional Paving Contractor a Smart Decision?

Paved surfaces bring unique charm and beauty to the exterior of any home. They make both residential and commercial properties look more inviting. However, the process of installing pavers should be tackled with extreme precision and attention to detail. Here are the steps of such a project:

  • Planning. Every building process starts with good detailed planning. Establishing a basic plan means you should decide how big the structure should be, its exact location, as well as what design you will pick. Drawing a layout will help you see the big picture. You have to call the local utility companies, so you don’t hit or break any cables or pipes. Now, you have to select the type of pavers needed. There are different types of materials on the market – natural stone, concrete, clay brick, rubber pavers, etc. All these options have their benefits and downsides. Exploring them in advance will help you make a successful selection. This phase also includes marking the area to be paved. You can use marking paint to outline its perimeter. Plus, you should determine the slope of your exterior structure.
  • Excavating. Using specialized equipment, you have to dig the dirt and remove the topsoil. You should clear the area from any obstacles, such as grass, rocks, plants, and more. Figure out how deep the base should be considering the thickness of the material chosen. Add crushed stone or gravel for a base material and compact it well. After that, you have to install the edge restraints usually made from steel, aluminum, or plastic. Finish by laying sand.
  • Installing pavers. A paving contractor will advise you to begin laying them along the longer side. Lay them to create and appealing mosaic pattern. You have to cut them when needed. Once you are done, you have to use the compactor again over the newly-installed material. Now seal them by applying a top-quality sealant which will increase their durability. Clean the area.


If you need the services of a reputable asphalt contractor in Amarillo, TX, we are ready to handle your paving project. Bryers Paving will impress you with competence, exquisite results, and fair pricing. For more information, you can reach us at (806) 683-5356.

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